Thursday, March 3, 2011

MySQL database restore for onlineshop

After some experiments with the onlineshop i want
to restore the sql-dump backup.
It has a size of nearly 14MB and this was too large for my webhoster.
The restore has a timeout of 30sec and this time was not
enough so the server shows an error 500.
Idea was first zipping the file, but this was no solution.

I load the programm mysqldumper from
and installed it on my homepage. Important is to create the login and password!
During installation you must know your url to the database, the database name, user and password.
This program could handle only up to 10MB for each upload, but
with an ftp program i could push the whole file into the directory.

Now i must convert the raw sql-dump into a msd file and then restore the backup.

Long way for someone without hugh sql knowledge,
but now everything is fine!