Saturday, April 23, 2011

wlan with debian and medion akoya E1210

Want to install linux for a friend.
First try Ubuntu because the better hardwaresupport,
but have big problems with wlan. Wants only the password for wpa again and
again, but no connection.

Then installed debian 6.0 from dvd. At this time, wlan not found by debian.
Download the ralink firmware, put it on a usb stick and installed it with gdebi.
After reboot wlan works fine.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

fsck died with errorcode 1 on jfs fs

Server has problem with harddisk,
and filesystem go into readonly mode.
I decieded to reboot after sync.

During boot process the fsck needs several
seconds and then come the message:
"fsck died with error code 1".
Used filesystem on the server is JFS.

Nice error, till now no idea what happens.
System seems to work normal.

Some weeks ago the same problem and after this i boot
with the sysrescue cd and run fsck.jfs directly.
It found no errors on the drive.

I writing with the developer of jfs and then will write here if
i have a reason.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nautilus could not download via ftp

Interesting problem:
Nautilus could not download data from the ftp.
When i connect to one, and try to get some folders the system hangs,
the system transfers some bytes and then nothing happens.

Opening a textfile on ftp, editing and saving works fine.

Copy data from local to remote works too.

What is exactly the problem, till not i dont know.