Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fill pictures to a new size

Sometimes it is usefull to fill pictures without scaling them.
For this i create a file names "white.jpg" which is the backround,
and adding with imagepagick the files over it.
The pictures then stored in /gross

for i in *.jpg ; do convert -composite white.jpg $i gross/$i ; done

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Simple picture resize with convert (imagemagick)

Simple converting many jpg's into a smaller file.
The smaller pictures are stored in /small

for i in *.jpg ; do convert $i -resize 250x188 small/$i ; done

Short and nice: cal

Calender on the shell:

-> show this month
cal 2011
-> show every month of 2011
cal -3
-> shows the last, the current and the next month


Some words to gnome3

I think this is not the right way for the grapical
Most Linux/Unix user are advanced and do not need
the help this gui's offers.

The Gnome2 way ist the right way.

could not mount usb stick with jfs

after unmounting and removing the usb stick (16gb)
it could not be mounted again.
somesthing wrong with the sync at unmounting.
the dirty bit of jfs is not removed correct.

a simple
jfs.fsck /dev/sdb2

solved the problem.