Sunday, December 25, 2011

local internet filter

Content filter for children or companys with tinyproxy. (local)

Installint tiny-proxy with aptitude:
aptitude install tinyproxy

then editing the conf file:

Here i had to uncomment these two lines:
Filter "/etc/filter"
FilterDefaultDeny Yes

And restart it with:
/etc/init.d/tinyproxy restart

The file /etc/filter looks like this:

Simple file with the pages which should be free.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

brasero writes no audio cd

Installed Debian 6.0.0 from DVD without any software.
After trying to create a audio cd with brasoro it could not
finish creating.

install the cdrtoolkit, best with aptitude:
aptitude install brasero-cdrkit

After this i could create audio cd's without problems.

Terminalmagic with screen

Very nice and usefull tool: screen
With the tool you can run severel shells in one terminal.
or if any sessions are running:
screen -r

With the folowing keys you come to the command mode:
STRG + a
Then you can use the following letters:
c -> create a new window
n -> switch to next window
p -> switch to previous window
" -> show window lis
A -> give name to window
k -> kill window

I use it most to create one ssh connection to a server and then run
severel programms there.