Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Debian startup scripts

There are three interestings places for starting programms automaticaly.
First place is the
This script runs at every start of the computer. Here i store things that should run
only when booting like mounting samba shares (other place for mounting is the fttab).

Secound place is the
This script runs on a login shell, when you first login on a (virtual) terminal.
If you start a terminal from gnome, it won't run.

Third place is the
This file runs every bash you start. Running a terminal from gnome or kde will
execute this file too.

For completition i show the last script
This scripts run, when leaving a loginshell. At debian default it only clears the screen
for privacy when logging out.

Of course there are more places for starting programmes, but i hope this short overview is helpfull.

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