Tuesday, December 11, 2012

mbox files larger 2GB

Using the mbox format for a mailserver can be a problem when much mails
stored in one folder.
The maximal folder size of a mbox is 2GB. For the linux filesystem it is no problem to store larger files, but thunderbird or other programms cannot access to this files.

In this situation are two ways to solve the problem.
The first is the quick and dirty way:
split the file with the linux "split" command and loose the mail where the file is splittet. Then you repair the second part and now you can access to both files.

The better way ist the programm archmbox.
After installing it with aptitude you can split the mailbox cleanly into severel parts, sortet after date. This program is the only i know at the moment that
access a file larger 2gb.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Using radicale as caldav calendarserver

Here i show how to install a calendarserver with radicale.
The advanteage is that the calender are normal .ics files that could be used directly (over a smb mount).
So at the local network you work with .ics files, with mobile phones you can connect to a caldav server.

For installation i have to modified the sources.list of debian squeeze. (aptpinning)
I replace sequeeze with testing and install the package:
aptitude install radicale

For activating the password option you have to edit this file:

Here you can link to a password file that has the same construction as .htaccess .
Htpasswd filename htpasswd_filename = /etc/radicale/users 
#Htpasswd encryption method 
# Value: plain | sha1 | crypt htpasswd_encryption = sha1

Storage of the calendar The .ics files are stored here:

You can change the place at the config file.
With the first use of the caldav service the file is created.
Otherwise you can copy a .ics file directly tho the directory.

Using the calendarserver with lightning

For using the calendarserver and caldav with thunderbird you need the lightning plugin.

After installing you add a new calender and chose "network" and then "caldav". The url for the calender looks like this:

Here must the username and userpassword before the ip and at the path be changed.

Installing caldav server on debian

My goal was to install a caldav server, that i can connect from iphone and from local clients like evolution or lightning.
First solution was installing the calendarserver from debian.
I used aptitude to install the packages:
aptitude install calendarserver

The configuration files are here: /etc/caldavd For creating a user you must add this lines to the

username userpassword username 

 Global configurations are here:

This points i modified:
The calenderport i changed to 777 for security  
BindHTTPPorts 777

i don't want to use  
SSLPort 0

At last i have to restart the server:
/etc/init.d/calendarserver restart

Get a copy of every mail that pass the postfix mailserver

For backup i want to get a copy of every mail that pass the postfix. Simply add this line to the main.cf:
always_bcc = myemailadress

Maildelivery problem with postfix at some domains

At the Postfix mailserver i have this problem: eMails are not delivered to every target domain.
As example web.de was not send, gmx.de send without problems.
After searching the problem is a exchange host in the mail chain, and the target mailserver has a wrong option.

He cannot recognize the mime version.
 I added this to my main.cf and solved so the probmem:

smtp_discard_ehlo_keywords = 8bitmime 
smtpd_discard_ehlo_keywords = 8bitmime