Tuesday, December 11, 2012

mbox files larger 2GB

Using the mbox format for a mailserver can be a problem when much mails
stored in one folder.
The maximal folder size of a mbox is 2GB. For the linux filesystem it is no problem to store larger files, but thunderbird or other programms cannot access to this files.

In this situation are two ways to solve the problem.
The first is the quick and dirty way:
split the file with the linux "split" command and loose the mail where the file is splittet. Then you repair the second part and now you can access to both files.

The better way ist the programm archmbox.
After installing it with aptitude you can split the mailbox cleanly into severel parts, sortet after date. This program is the only i know at the moment that
access a file larger 2gb.

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