Saturday, December 8, 2012

Using radicale as caldav calendarserver

Here i show how to install a calendarserver with radicale.
The advanteage is that the calender are normal .ics files that could be used directly (over a smb mount).
So at the local network you work with .ics files, with mobile phones you can connect to a caldav server.

For installation i have to modified the sources.list of debian squeeze. (aptpinning)
I replace sequeeze with testing and install the package:
aptitude install radicale

For activating the password option you have to edit this file:

Here you can link to a password file that has the same construction as .htaccess .
Htpasswd filename htpasswd_filename = /etc/radicale/users 
#Htpasswd encryption method 
# Value: plain | sha1 | crypt htpasswd_encryption = sha1

Storage of the calendar The .ics files are stored here:

You can change the place at the config file.
With the first use of the caldav service the file is created.
Otherwise you can copy a .ics file directly tho the directory.

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