Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Backup with Partimage

For a complete backup of the system i use partimage.
It don't work with btrfs or ext4, but for all systems i use
jfs (realy great filesystem) and here i can backup it with partimage
very good.

The partition layout is:
/dev/sda1 -> restore
/dev/sda2 -> worksystem
/dev/sda3 -> swap
/dev/sda4 -> data

On sda1 i install a minimal system with partimage, at sda2 the
normal system. Now i can boot into sda1 and backup or restore the
whole system. This is very fast, and i need no boot-cdrom anymore.
The image is stored at sda4.

This script i put into /bin/res on sda1 so i can restore a whole system
with starting one script.

partimage -b restore /dev/sda2 /backup/images/debian700.000

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