Monday, January 20, 2014

Mail Provider changes SSL

Yesterday i recognice that the company mailserver hat problems with receiving mails from the provider.
The log file /var/log/ show this entrys:
  Jan 19 18:43:41 server fetchmail[25245]: SSL connection failed.
Jan 19 18:43:41 server fetchmail[25245]: socket error while fetching from
Jan 19 18:43:41 server fetchmail[25245]: Query status=2 (SOCKET)
Jan 19 18:43:41 server fetchmail[25245]: fingerprints
do not match!

This shows me, that the provider has changed the ssl key.
With this command i get the new ssl-key from the mail-server of the provider:
 fetchmail –verbose

Fetchmail shows me so more information during receving the emails from the provider and in this informations is the new ssl key.
This key i copy and wrote it into my .fetchmailrc that looks then like this:
pass “pop3password”
to info
options ssl sslfingerprint “A1:A1:A1:A1:8B:98:54:70:F7:07:89:1A:28:F1:F1:2E” 

Getting the new mails from the pop3 mailserver is no problem.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Double mail delivery with postfix and always_bcc

At Postfix i enable this function:

With this line i get a copy of each email of the mailserver.
Because i installed a amavis scanner the postfix touch every mail
twice times. For this i get each mail double into the mail archive.
Adding this line solved the problem: (
enable_original_recipient = No

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Little changes at my homepage

There a little changes on my homepage...
Maybe it is time to visit it again...

Jabber Clients

After installing the jabberserver at home,
i will spend a little time speaking about the clients.

At Linux i use pidgin for jabber, irc and icq. It is a very good
multi-protocol client and available for windows too.

My andorid phone works with xabber very good.
Together with pidgin the message appears at the device
i work actually with. (Empathy cant do this).

Windows Phones i set up with IM+ but it is not realy
als nice as xabber.